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Il Dentifricio Sbiancante & Delicato DIMND è stato formulato con ingredienti efficaci e sicuri, tra cui carbone attivo, fluoruro ed estratto di chiodi di garofano.

CONTENUTO: 100g/3.5 oz

with us in 2022!
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INTEGRATORE ALIMENTARE di PROTEINE con Edulcorante (Glicosidi Steviolici)


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Building brighter tomorrows in the Bahamas

May 1, 2020

Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas as a Category 5 storm in 2019, going down in history as the country’s worst natural disaster. Due to the prolonged and intense storm conditions, many lives were lost, homes and schools were destroyed, and it is estimated to have caused $3.4 billion in damages. To he...
Helping Kids Beating Cancer in 2020 and beyond

Apr 29, 2020

At EXPO NEXT 2019: Orlando, Jeunesse Kids provided a $1 million grant to Kids Beating Cancer. This grant is helping fund a state-of-the-art cellular therapy lab, which will offer the latest stem cell therapy and bone marrow transplants to save the lives of children battling cancer. A MEMORABLE MOME...
Uplifting communities – updates from our WE Villages partnership

Apr 27, 2020

Jeunesse Kids has partnered with WE Charity since 2014 to build stable, thriving communities that give people the power and dignity to support themselves. To date, Jeunesse Kids has adopted seven communities, helping to empower a new generation of community members with the tools and resources nece...

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