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Мы показываем наивысшие стандарты по поддержке дистрибьюторов Jeunesse и их усилий в достижении успеха Поколения Молодости.

Jeunesse Global Leadership Icon
Руководящий состав

Осознанное лидерство, несравнимое видение, акцент на результатах и готовность помогать - наши руководители являются неутомимыми в стремлении воплощать эти ценности, поскольку они направляют Jeunesse и поддерживают наше обязательство помогать дистрибьюторам Jeunesse во всем мире в достижении их целей.

Jeunesse Global Our Team

Kevin Giguere

Chief Managing Partner

Kevin Giguere brings a unique perspective to Jeunesse with a successful history both in the corporate managerial landscape as well as achieving the highest level of success in network marketing. He became the youngest district manager in the history of his company and spent 22 years in corporate America managing over 5,000 people, then transitioned to networking for the next 19 years. He played a vital role in securing the future of Jeunesse and will continue to add expertise and value to both the company and the field.

Jeunesse Global Our Team

Jason Borné

Главный исполнительный директор

Jason started his career in network marketing over 30 years ago at the age of 18 as a distributor, and became the youngest in the history of the industry to achieve numerous top sales levels, while building across the world.

Jason also became sought after worldwide as one of the youngest, and most powerful motivational speakers that the network marketing industry had ever seen. He has spoken in front of hundreds of thousands of people across the world, and his ability to electrify an audience and move them to massive action and growth became his trademark.

He has served both as a distributor and corporate executive in creating and leading multiple successful businesses, including joining the Jeunesse family in 2012 as a distributor, and being named CEO in January 2023.

He attributes his success to surrounding himself with people who are much smarter than him, and embodying the core philosophy that if you focus and strive to consistently add value to other people’s lives, then what you want will always take care of itself.

His favorite credo: Show me your mentor, and I will predict your future.

Jason’s vision for Jeunesse is to continue the legacy of the core values of its original founders by putting people first and creating a global platform where average people can grow and achieve success in both business and in life.

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Jeunesse Global Our Team

Jennifer Luce

Chief Human Resources Officer

Jennifer has been with Jeunesse since it was founded, almost 14 years ago, and began her journey with the previous owners almost 17 years ago.

Jennifer is responsible for all global HR functions including but not limited to prioritization and management of exacting global policy agendas, hiring, payroll, health and benefits, recruiting, employee relations, and corporate communications. As a problem solver with excellent interpersonal relationship-building skills, Jennifer has proven leadership abilities to foster and create a culture where employees enjoy coming to work. With over 12 years of experience in the human resources space, Jennifer is an expert in expanding employee growth, fostering strategic partnerships, and delivering exceptional work performance in business operations.

She began her career at Jeunesse in the Customer Service Department and was promoted internally over the years until advancing to her current role. Her diversified experience in HR management, operational management, process improvement, workforce management, business development, talent acquisition, and strategic planning has allowed her to successfully lead teams to achieve awards such as DSN’s Best Places to Work for five years and Top Places to Work for the Orlando Sentinel for two consecutive years!

Known across the organization as Jeunesse’s No. 1 cheerleader — Jennifer is always encouraging, supporting, and mentoring colleagues globally. She cares deeply about the health, happiness, and personal success of each and every colleague and pours into the internal team relentlessly. Her undeniable passion for enhancing all aspects of the employee experience and providing opportunities to grow, develop, and be recognized make her a truly special kind of leader — one who builds others up, making them feel seen, heard, valued, and appreciated.

As a dedicated community member, Jennifer sits as a Seminole County Chamber of Commerce Member and serves as the Managing Editor for MySanford and MyDeltona Magazines. Jennifer earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of Central Florida and received her master’s degree in business administration at the University of Phoenix. During this time, she served as the Secretary of the Society of Human Resource Management’s Orlando Chapter and was also a member of Delta Mu Delta, a high-honors society for Business Majors. She believes education is extremely valuable and obtained her CFAA-HR credential in 2022. Most recently, she was awarded another leadership development certificate from Seminole County at the beginning of 2023.

Jennifer’s grit and grace for every project she puts her hands on or every goal she aims to accomplish is unmatched because of her strong determination to win! She has overcome many obstacles throughout her journey and still possesses a “whatever it takes” mentality. Jennifer cares deeply about the success of others and goes above and beyond to help them reach their maximum potential.

Being a mom is Jennifer’s favorite part about life and even though she’s always had a strong work ethic and been an overachiever, it is no secret (as she is not shy about sharing) her “purpose” and biggest “why” is her 16-year-old son, Austin. There is always a special twinkle in her eye when she talks about him and she insists Austin is by far her greatest achievement. Outside of work, you can find Jennifer on the basketball courts cheering him on!

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Jeunesse Global Our Team

John Raser

Chief Marketing Officer

John has been a disruptive force onstage and behind the scenes in the multimedia, advertising and sports worlds his entire life, with extensive entertainment experience on both sides of the camera and digital screen.

Way before his time on the corporate side, John actually grew up in the direct sales industry as the son of top income earning distributors. He experienced firsthand how the industry can radically transform the trajectory of a family's life. Because he was fully immersed and had a front-row seat to watch, listen, and learn all aspects of the business, John developed a lot of heart for network marketing and the dramatic, positive impact that comes with success in this industry.

Recognized as a dynamic and strategic integrated marketing and branding leader across an array of industries, including D2C, B2C, consumer packaged goods, e-commerce, social retail, influencer/affiliate marketing, direct sales/network marketing and new media, John has a proven track record of building high-performing teams and scaling revenue growth with an innate ability to identify, foster, and maximize talent. Considered a Swiss Army Knife by his peers, John has broad expertise in a variety of verticals (including health and wellness, nutritional performance, and inner and outer beauty) and has gained acclaim for his ability to bounce between sectors and mediums with chameleon-like versatility.

A true social and digital media practitioner and tastemaker, John is tapped into the currency of attention and consumer behavior with keen reads on market trends and emerging technology. He brings value flexing his storytelling skills and creative chops to produce engaging, insight-driven campaigns and collateral that entertain, inform, and inspire, while building strong brand equity and boosting the bottom line.

Known for his savvy eye, bold creative, clever messaging, and pithy style, John has emerged as a prolific content marketer skilled at blending cultural relevance with brand voice and cutting through the noise. He has a deep passion for crafting the eye candy and ear worms needed to compel the market to interact with a brand and ultimately increase sales.

His work has been featured in/on Good Morning America, ESPN, Elle, Vogue, Fox News, Golf Channel, Nickelodeon, Sports Illustrated, Disney Channel, MTV, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, CNET, Direct Selling News Magazine, Success from Home Magazine, New York Daily News, Hartford Business Journal, Hartford Courant, Yahoo! Sports, Orlando Sentinel, LA Times, Golfweek Magazine, Golf Digest, Orlando Weekly, Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Jim Rome Show, and many other media outlets.

In just the last few years, his teams have racked-up over 300 international awards for business, creativity, packaging, communications, design, videography, mobile, web development, social media, and event planning, alongside Fortune 500 Companies and household names like Google, Cisco Systems, Beats Electronics, ESPN, AT&T, and Wells Fargo.

He also founded the Raser Creative Collective, an anti-agency that specializes in high-impact #CreativeThatConverts, specifically brand development and product design, multimedia content marketing, and 360° integrated campaigns. With an impressive client roster that has included high-profile direct sales companies and traditional brands, RCCo has served start-ups, established brands, and everything in between as both an external creative agency and an extension of in-house teams.

Most notably, John has successfully led multiple direct sales companies and global marketing teams through consecutive mergers and acquisitions, as well as complete rebrands and digital transformations, which makes him uniquely suited for this role.

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Jeunesse Global Our Team



Обладая 30-летним опытом работы в области информационных технологий, Билл помогает Jeunesse оставаться впереди.

Он является предпринимателем, который разрабатывает программное обеспечение с 1985 года, ранее занимал должность генерального директора успешной компании по разработке интернет-сервисов и программного обеспечения в Орландо. Он разработал мобильные приложения и сложные, совместимые с PCI программные решения для целого ряда отраслей, включая крупные министерства, строительные фирмы, здравоохранение и индустрию прямых продаж.

Билл начал работать на основателей Jeunesse в 2006 году. Он собрал замечательную команду технических специалистов, которые удерживают Jeunesse на пике технологий с помощью отмеченного наградами программного обеспечения, мобильных приложений и глобальной платформы, которая всегда доступна онлайн. Прежде чем обосноваться в Орландо, Билл учился в университете Кэмпбелла и 10 лет служил офицером в армии США. Он женат на своей прекрасной супруге Джули уже более 40 лет. У них двое детей и четверо внуков.

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Jeunesse Global Our Team

Mel Gill




Mel and Amie Gill entered the direct selling industry in 1989, when the industry had not yet hit critical mass. At that time, they were a newly married young couple attending college and deciding on their respective career paths.

Mel's family had a very successful restaurant business in the San Francisco Bay Area, and he was managing one of the newest operations. Amie had a newborn who was only 3 months old at the time. On a very momentous day in November 1989, they were introduced to the direct selling industry and immediately saw the vision of what was possible. They dove in head-first and experienced unprecedented rewards and recognition as top income earners at an early age.

Their local business soon took them around the world, experiencing huge success with exponential business growth in Australia, Thailand, Japan, and Canada. Having a massive and lucrative international business in their early twenties was the springboard for further success across Europe and Asia.

This ultimately became the foundation for bigger things to come when they transitioned into a new endeavor as founders and chief officers of their own tech-based direct selling company. For over 20 years, their cutting-edge communications platform expanded its reach throughout India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, North America, and beyond. With a focus on changing the way the world communicates, trains, markets, and educates, their affiliate network specialized in customizable streaming video solutions that are modern, user-friendly, and quickly deployed for consumers, small business, and enterprise markets alike.

After over 34 years of celebrated accomplishments and full-time success in the direct-to-consumer channel, Mel and Amie are passionate about partnership marketing for one primary reason: paying it forward and helping to dramatically change lives. For them, it’s much deeper than personal gains — it’s about creating better and brighter futures for individuals and families across the globe. It’s about people helping people as true agents of change.

It's this shared purpose-driven mission that serves as the driving force behind our company and our future goals. With this unique blend of both field and executive-level experience, Mel and Amie are a powerful duo with the perfect combination of perspective and expertise to help lead the next wave of growth with Jeunesse.

Their commitment and passion for what Jeunesse stands for is unrivaled, and Mel and Amie are excited to be on the frontlines building hand-in-hand with our global ambassadors and influencers, focused on breaking records and hitting higher plateaus for the Jeunesse family all over the world!

They currently reside in their hometown locale of the San Francisco Bay Area with their three children and enjoy traveling on both personal and professional adventures.

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Jeunesse Global Founders Icon
Рынок Президенты

Наши президенты рынка в Jeunesse применяют свой богатый опыт и проницательность, чтобы помочь дистрибьюторам в своих регионах раскрыть свой максимальный потенциал. Наши лидеры рынка незаменимы по всему миру, будь то впереди всех или в центре внимания на мероприятии или же за кулисами.

Mark Wang President of Greater China

Mark Wang

President of Greater China

Mark served in the Navy early in his career and held several important positions. During this time, he went to the United States to receive warship training and successfully applied for a government scholarship to study at the University of Warwick, where he graduated with a master’s degree in Engineering Business Management.

After retiring from the military, Mark joined a network marketing company in Taiwan and became a top distributor. He then went on to become the CEO of a firm that served many network marketing companies, helping to enhance the human value of the enterprise, improve performance and team development, and achieve outstanding results.

Mark joined Jeunesse in 2010 and has since broken many records for marketing events in Greater China. His success has become a benchmark for the global industry. Mark is a man of discipline and generosity. While he puts people first, he also cares about goals and results. Accountability is Mark’s core value, which has helped the Greater China market break through barriers and produce impressive results.

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Rachel McVinish President of Asia Pacific

Rachel McVinish

President of Asia-Pacific

For the past nine years Rachel has been an integral part of the Jeunesse team leading the Australasia region towards continued growth and success.

Rachel’s breadth of knowledge derives from close to 2 decades within Top 100 Direct Selling Companies, where her extensive sales, marketing, finance, problem solving, logistics and relationship management skills have attributed to record monthly sales and several awards for best performing regions with a focus on helping distributors achieve their dreams.

Rachel is happily married with 2 children, a girl who is 9 and a 1 year old little boy, making her home life as fun as her Jeunesse life.

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Jared Thwaits President of EMEA

Jared Thwaits

President of EMEA

Jared is a highly accomplished leader in the MLM industry, with close to two decades of experience building and leading high performing teams. He is widely recognized for his expertise in developing and executing successful sales and marketing strategies, as well as his ability to drive growth and profitability.

Jared's journey in the MLM industry started as a Distributor, where he successfully built one of the largest Distributor bases in Africa. He then transitioned to the corporate side, where he played a pivotal role in launching new markets. This unique experience gives him a deep understanding of the challengesand obstacles that Distributors face, and has helped him develop exceptional leadership and mentorship skills to support individuals in reaching their personal and professional goals.

For the past 7 years, Jared has been an integral part of the Jeunesse team, where he spearheaded the growth of the African market from a handful of countries to over 30 markets on the continent. We look forward to him playing a critical role in driving Jeunesse’s expansion and success in his new role as President of EMEA.

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Vice President of Latin America

Robinson Ortiz

Vice President of Latin America

Robinson brings with him over 23 years of experience in the direct sales industry, including success in his most recent roles as Director of Sales, Latin America and Country Manager, Chile for Jeunesse. His passion is working with the field, knowing their stories, and helping to drive their business to the next level.

Robinson attended UADHC in Santiago, Chile, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Robinson loves playing soccer and finds joy in watching his children achieve success and milestones in their careers. He has been happily married to his wife, Natalia Varas, for 12 years and is a proud parent to four children: Valentina Ortiz (23), Ignacia Ortiz (21), Agustin Ortiz (13), Josefina Ortiz Varas (6), and Mia Colucci, who is just a puppy.

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Tatiana Nesmith Vice President of EMEA

Tatiana Nesmith

Vice President of EMEA

Tatiana has been a standout talent with Jeunesse for nearly a decade.

Her experiences working hand in hand with Distributors to strengthen and expand the Europe, Middle East, and Africa markets are a testament to her willingness to serve, and her desire to see our Distributors exceed their goals.

Well-known for her resourcefulness and integrity, Tatiana cites her father as a great example of strength and preparation. Born and raised in Russia, she achieved her bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and master’s degree in Philology before moving to the U.S. where she fell in love with the culture and the amazing people. Tatiana is happily married and the mother to 2 wonderful boys, ages 2 and 5.

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Jeunesse Global Advisory Icon
Jeunesse НАУЧНЫЙ
Консультативный совет

Наши эксперты-консультанты поддерживают разработку и тестирование инновационных продуктов Системы Омоложения Y.E.S. Каждый руководитель приносит свой уникальный опыт и знания в Jeunesse.

Jeunesse Global Vincent C. Giampapa, M.D

ВИНСЕНТ ДЖАМПАПА (VINCENT GIAMPAPA), доктор медицинских наук

Номинант Нобелевской премии, один из первых в мире сертифицированных врачей по антивозрастной медицине и признанный во всем мире новатор.

Винсент. С. Джампапа, доктор медицинских наук, действительный член Американского колледжа хирургов, является сертифицированным специалистом в области реконструктивной хирургии, а также клиническим доцентом пластической и реконструктивной хирургии в Университете медицины и стоматологии Нью-Джерси (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey).

Он также является директором Международного центра пластической хирургии (Plastic Surgery Center Internationalé) и Института антивозрастной лекарственной терапии Джампапа (Giampapa Institute for Anti-Aging Medical Therapy) в г. Монклере, штат Нью-Джерси. До того, как стать медицинским представителем и консультантом компании Jeunesse, он работал консультантом в НАСА (NASA).

Доктор Джампапа получил степень доктора медицинских наук в Школе медицины Маунт-Синай (Mt. Sinai Medical School) в Нью-Йорке, штат Нью-Йорк. Кроме того, он прошел медицинское обучение в области пластической хирургии и годовую практику в качестве штатного врача в микрохирургии в Медицинском центре Нью-Йорского университета. Он является членом Американского колледжа хирургов и бывшим научным сотрудником других престижных учреждений, включая Колумбийский пресвитерианский медицинский колледж (Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center) в г. Нью-Йорке, штат Нью-Йорк.

Доктор Джампапа - пионер в своей области. Он является одним из первых в мире сертифицированных врачей в области борьбы со старением и имеет мировое признание в качестве новатора в области новых косметических и хирургических методов и технических средств. Он является одним из основателей Американской академии антивозрастной медицины (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), а также являлся первым президентом Американского совета по антивозрастной медицине (American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine). Доктор Джампапа - обладатель множества патентов правительства Соединенных Штатов в области уникальных методов введения стволовых клеток, а также новых систем введения лекарственных средств и конструкций хирургических инструментов.

Труды доктора Джампапа публикуются в многочисленных научных журналах: Annals of Plastic Surgery («Вестник пластической хирургии»), Plastic Reconstructive Surgery («Пластическая реконструктивная хирургия»), Reconstructive Microsurgery («Реконструктивная микрохирургия») и Anti-Aging Medicine («Антивозрастная медицина»). Он является автором первого и единственного медицинского учебника по возрастной медицине и борьбе с проблемами старения для пластических хирургов. Он написал пять книг, в том числе: «Как взломать код старения и найти способ борьбы со старостью: 5 простых шагов, чтобы хорошо выглядеть и чувствовать себя» (Breaking the Aging Code and The Anti-Aging Solution: 5 Simple Steps to Looking and Feeling Young). О докторе Джампапа пишут в многочисленных национальных журналах, его приглашают выступать в радио- и телепрограммах, в том числе, на каналах CNN, WABC-TV, Fox News Channel, в передачах Джеральдо (Geraldo), Джоан Риверз (Joan Rivers), Фила Донахью (Phil Donahue) и Андресона Купера (Anderson Cooper).

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Веретюк Варвара Васильевна, доктор медицинских наук

В своей профессиональной деятельности доктор Варвара Веретюк придерживается целостного подхода, не просто решая сиюминутные проблемы человека со здоровьем, а параллельно занимаясь профилактикой хронических заболеваний и продлением активного долголетия.

Помимо врачебного приёма она проводит научное исследование в г. Новосибирск, Россия, посвященное влиянию абдоминального ожирения на здоровье и биологический возраст молодых мужчин.

Одним из приоритетов в своей работе доктор Веретюк называет активные действия по оздоровлению именно молодых людей, донесение до них всей информации о том, как не просто продлить жизнь, но и обеспечить себе годы, полные здоровья и активности.

Доктор Варвара Веретюк сама следует принципам здорового образа жизни и широко пропагандирует их. Более 10 лет она является публичным лектором, проводит информационные школы для пациентов, а также семинары для широкой аудитории на темы, связанные со здоровым образом жизни и профилактикой преждевременного старения.

По ее словам, огромную роль в поддержании здоровья играет объединение трёх факторов: актуальная и правдивая информация, современные технологии и поддержка единомышленников.

В качестве медицинского консультанта Jeunesse Global доктор Варвара Веретюк выступает спикером на мероприятиях компании, принимает участие в онлайн-конференциях, где щедро делится современными научными данными о влиянии питания и образа жизни на здоровье и о преимуществах передовых продуктов Jeunesse.

семейный врач, терапевт, нутрициолог.

  • Член Российского научного медицинского общества терапевтов
  • Член Евразийской Ассоциации Терапевтов
  • Член Европейской ассоциации превентивной кардиологии (EAPC)
  • Член Российского общества кардиологов, а также рабочей группы «Молодые кардиологи» РКО
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