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All the Highlights From the Jeunesse 2022 Sapphire Leaders’ Retreat

Nov 3, 2022

After a few years of minimal travel, it’s so enriching to have the opportunity to reconnect with one another in different cities and countries. And even more so when we’re rewarding our incredible group of Sapphire Distributors for all their hard work over the past 12 months!

This year’s Sapphire Leaders’ Retreat took place in spectacular Queenstown, in New Zealand’s South Island, and was the perfect blend of inspiration and relaxation. The focus of the trip was on building leadership skills – we know these Distributors already have what it takes to build a successful business and we want to empower them with the skills to grow their success even further.

If you’re still aiming for Sapphire level, here are some of the highlights from our retreat in October. Hopefully this inspires you to pull out all the stops to join us next year!

Bringing leadership to life
This leadership retreat was unlike any other that we’ve run before. We brought in the experts from the Red Leaf Group, who took our Jeunesse Distributors on a virtual trek across New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

Working in teams, the Distributors faced a range of virtual scenarios that a real-life climber might encounter around Mt Cook, New Zealand’s highest peak. Their challenges required careful thinking, the right amount of risk-taking, and the chance for true leaders to shine.

Over the course of the exercise, Distributors acquired valuable skills in communication, building trust, developing a growth mindset and setting up their teams for success. We all left the day on an absolute high, having learnt a bit more about our own personal leadership styles.

Connecting with others
Many Sapphire leaders commented on how much they enjoyed the chance to step outside their usual network and connect with their peers from across Australia and New Zealand. This kind of informal contact is invaluable – after all, no one understands the dedication it takes to build a direct-selling business like another Jeunesse business owner!

We always say that direct selling is all about relationships and these Distributors now have the connections in place to be able to turn to one another for help, support and motivation throughout the year.

As a relatively small and select group of leaders, they also benefited from having one-on-one time with some of our highest ranking team members, such as Double Diamond Lyndon Biernoff and Diamond Distributor Craig Schulze, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Fun and adventure
Of course, we managed to balance all the hard work and leadership lessons with plenty of wining, dining, fun and adventure. From the cocktail party welcome on the opening night, to the farewell dinner while we watched the sun set over Queenstown, we enjoyed the best of New Zealand’s hospitality.

Many of the Distributors told us it was the best leadership retreat they’ve attended and they returned home feeling invigorated and ready to throw their energy into building their Jeunesse business to great new heights. We couldn’t ask for a better result than that!

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