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Jeunesse Kids 2020 global initiative – our Vision for a brighter future

Feb 6, 2020

Our Jeunesse Kids partnership with WE Charity has presented the amazing opportunity to sponsor the building of the WE College School of Entrepreneurship in Kenya.

As a 2020 global initiative, Jeunesse Kids will work with our worldwide family of Distributors to help raise $1 million USD to fully fund this lifechanging college, which will not only impact the students who attend, but the communities they live in.

“This idea for this project began a few years ago, and we are so pleased to see it come to fruition. The WE College School of Entrepreneurship is an amazing opportunity to make a lasting impact for communities in Kenya for generations to come. The students who attend will become the entrepreneurs who make a huge positive impact in their communities. This is an incredible opportunity for the entire Jeunesse Family to leave a legacy of empowerment in Kenya.”
—Scott Lewis, Jeunesse Chief Visionary Officer

The first of its kind, this college will help lift communities out of poverty by empowering entrepreneurs to stimulate jobs, increase wages, improve local economic growth and address problems in their society.


Jeunesse Kids has worked with WE Charity to sponsor villages around the world through the WE Villages program that features, five pillars of sustainable development:

  1. Education
  2. Water
  3. Health
  4. Food
  5. Opportunity

As part of the first pillar of education, WE Charity has partnered with communities to build primary and secondary schools, such as those built in the villages Jeunesse Kids has sponsored.

The impact? For the first time, children who did not have equal access to education, such as girls in Maasai Mara, were able to attend school. This has transformed communities and led to a new generation of high school graduates.


WE College opened in 2017 with a mission to provide these high school graduates with the skills and education they need to uplift their communities.

Volunteering and giving back to their local villages are integral parts of the WE College program, and post-graduation community involvement is a key performance indicator of success.


Our donation will fund:

  • Construction and full outfitting of the building, student lounge, dormitory and library
  • Course and reference materials, computers, IT equipment and software
  • Land development, property maintenance and landscaping
  • The recruiting and training of staff, government registration and regulatory inspections, insurance, and licensing

This donation will fully fund the WE College School of Entrepreneurship project!


  • All students will attend on a scholarship basis.
  • All students must meet admission requirements.
  • The 2- to 3-year program will offer theoretical and practical skills and experience.
  • Students will earn a Diploma in Entrepreneurship.
  • Students will be encouraged to start small businesses while in college and present complete business plans as their final year project.
  • Students will be empowered to contribute to the development of society in their home communities and beyond.


In the summer of 2020, Jeunesse leaders will take a Bringing Hope trip to Kenya to join Founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, along with Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis. There, they will have a special groundbreaking ceremony and the opportunity to volunteer to participate in the building of the WE College School of Entrepreneurship.

Once the college opens in 2022, the Jeunesse Founders and Distributors will also have the incredible opportunity to guest lecture at the college.


Donate anytime at 100% of your charitable contribution will go toward the Jeunesse Kids mission to promote sustainability and give children opportunities to grow, flourish and look forward to a happy, successful future.