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Tune in for Weekly North American Education Series in 4 Languages

Mar 3, 2017

Education Series Kicks Off March 7

To help you learn, feel and live Jeunesse, we are kicking off an exciting new educational series for our North American Distributors.

“The day you stop learning is the day you stop living.”

Coming to you live on Tuesdays starting March 7, leaders from our global corporate team will present on many topics with special guests each week.

Monthly Education Calendar

Each week we will bring you updates and education on our innovative products and tools to support your success.

Every month brings Distributors and guests fresh educational sessions in a rotating schedule.

Week 1: New Distributor Orientation
Welcome, what’s next? Getting started right: Jump-start to success.

Unleash your potential with the Jeunesse Empower System, learn tips and tricks of the trade from top North American leaders and get inspired to achieve more.

Whether you are a new Distributor or looking to re-engage, learn the basics of establishing your business with our award-winning marketing materials, the North America Empower System and extensive corporate support.

Click Here to Tune in March 7

Week 2: Become a Product Pro
Look, Feel and Live Young with Jeunesse products.

Are you looking and feeling your best you? Are you feeling confident in the knowledge of the product you share? Become a product expert, understanding the stories that sell the benefits of these life-changing products!

Click Here to Tune in March 14

Week 3: Unleash Your Potential
Maximize and leverage the programs and tools.

Learn about the programs, promotions and incentives that can enhance your experience with Jeunesse as you grow your business. Hear from top performers as they share what is working and how they are achieving success unlocking the compensation plan possibilities, attracting customers, overcoming objections and sponsoring. Get the tools to educate yourself further, as well as other tactics and tips discussed each month.

Click Here to Tune in March 21

Week 4: Live Jeunesse
Be inspired and achieve it.

They have walked the walk and talked the talk. They have experienced disappointment and success, they have been where you are, they are where you want to be, and they inspire you to go where you want to go! Be empowered. Build your belief in the company, the team and yourself, as it will allow you to achieve your dreams!

Click Here to Tune in March 28

Join On-the-Go with GoToMeeting Mobile Apps

Be part of the North American Education seminars from wherever you are. Download the GoToMeeting App from Google Play or iTunes to join from anywhere.

Choose from 4 Language Sessions

Live English Session

8 p.m. U.S. ET: presenting a 35-minute webinar that includes video.

Simplified Chinese Audio Session

9 p.m. U.S. ET: presenting the English session translation in 35-minute audio recording.

To Join: Dial In!

Join our Chinese language session by dialing in to:
(712) 451-0230
Access code: 861250

French Audio Session

at 9 p.m. U.S. ET: presenting the English session translation in 35-minute audio recording.

Join our French language session by dialing in to:
(712) 770-4054
Access code: 740451

Spanish Language Session

9 p.m. U.S. ET: presenting the English session translation in 35-minute audio recording.

Join our Spanish language session by dialing in to:
(319) 527-2773
Access code: 240738

Available on Jcloud™

Every monthly Education Calendar session will be recorded and available on Jcloud™. Listen at your convenience and easily share this valuable information with other Distributors and guests.

We look forward to your participation!