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Jeunesse Kids Partners with The Forgotten Child Foundation

Apr 7, 2017 | Jeunesse Kids

As the Jeunesse Regional Convention in Amsterdam approaches, we are excited to announce Jeunesse Kids™ will partner with The Forgotten Child Foundation in the Netherlands.

More than 50,000 children in the Netherlands live in shelters and refuge centers, many of which are located in secret areas to guarantee the children’s safety and welfare. For this reason, it is easy to forget that these children exist.

The paths that bring children to The Forgotten Child Foundation have one commonality – violence. Robbed of a happy childhood, they all have experienced abuse, mistreatment, neglect or abandonment in their journey to this safe haven.

Jeunesse Kids’ partnership with The Forgotten Child Foundation has one mission: to bring joy to the lives of children in these forgotten shelters and centers.

Currently, the majority of the facilities are bleak and sober, but with your contributions, we can impact lives. We aim to create a “Magic Garden” with a play area and art area, a “Chill Inn” computer room for teenagers and colorful common spaces at the Den Helder Shelter.

Current conditions of Den Helder Shelter

Forgotten Children Magic Garden Before Jeunesse

Renderings of the “Magic Garden”

Forgotten Children Magic Garden After Jeunesse

Raising more than $1.4 million globally in 2016, we look forward to exceeding this generosity in 2017. Let’s come together as a Jeunesse family to help these children by fundraising €20,000 to improve their surroundings.


The Forgotten Child Foundation not only enhances the living environment of these shelters for children in need, but offers fun field trips and workshops, including soccer, art and journalism. The charity also owns a hotel so the children can experience vacations and build positive memories.

Forgotten Children Magic Garden Jeunesse

Please help us transform the living environment at Den Helder Shelter and support the foundation in bringing joy and community awareness to those who have been forgotten.

Thank you for your servant’s heart, your never-ending hope and your mission to change the world.

One Heart. One Hope. One Mission.