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International Children’s Day spotlight: Jeunesse Kids

Jun 9, 2019 | Jeunesse Kids

Throughout the world, millions of children live in extreme poverty, deprived of healthcare, education, water, food and opportunity. Without a way out, this cycle of disadvantage is passed from generation to generation.

In recognition of International Children’s Day – celebrated each year on June 1 – we aim to highlight what Jeunesse Kids is doing to give children living in poverty a hand up, so they can have a brighter future.

Partnership with WE Charity

Since 2014, Jeunesse Kids has partnered with WE Charity to impact villages around the globe through the power of the proven WE Charity international development model.

So far, members of the Jeunesse Family – affectionately known as Jeunesse Kids Champions – and WE Charity have rolled up their sleeves for better tomorrows in Dao Lazui, China; Irkaat, Kenya; Los Rios, Ecuador; and Kalinjar, India.

In these communities, we have provided holistic, permanent solutions to sustainable development, including:

  • Health and hygiene training
  • Educational resources and classrooms
  • Access to clean water and sanitation stations
  • Food security and agricultural practices
  • Income and livelihood opportunities

The end result? Stable, thriving communities that give people the power and dignity to support themselves.

Village classroom featured on CNN

One of the classrooms we built last summer was recently featured on CNN in a segment highlighting how education is transforming a rural community in India.

Before Jeunesse Kids partnered with WE Charity to adopt the Kalinjar village, children there had little access to education and a high rate of illiteracy (approximately 65% of the community), which led to child labor and even slavery.

Watch the CNN videos below to see the lifechanging impact our classroom has already made in Kalinjar.


2019 WE Charity projects

In 2019, Jeunesse Kids will continue to work with the Kalinjar community, start a second phase of impact in Dao Lazui and work with two newly adopted villages in China and Kenya.

Learn more about our village sponsorship and local initiatives at https://jeunessekids.org/.

How you can help

Together, we can empower a new generation of community members with the tools and resources necessary to lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty.

On International Children’s Day or any day of the year, you can help children rise to their fullest potential by contributing to Jeunesse Kids.