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Happy Holidays from Scott & Isabel

Dec 23, 2016

Dear Jeunesse Family,

As another historic and amazing year is about to come to a close, I find myself full of gratitude for all we have accomplished along with so much anticipation for what the next year will bring! As I reflect over the holiday season on all of our accomplishments, the milestones reached and wonderful memories made, I am struck with the abundance of things for which we can be grateful.

From ranking as the only direct seller on the Inc. 500 and as #18 on the DSN Global 100 while reaching the $3 billion cumulative sales milestone, to gathering with our Jeunesse family around the world for incredible events and Lifestyle Rewards experiences, and making a once-in-a-lifetime trip to witness the progress of our adopted village in Kenya, what this Jeunesse family has achieved in bringing our mission to life in 2016 is nothing short of amazing!

Topping the list of what I am most grateful for this year is our extraordinary family of Jeunesse Distributors and the commitment, dedication and passion you’ve all contributed to making a huge positive impact across the globe!

As fulfilling as it is to reflect back on this past year, what’s more important is that we look forward. And as we do so, I see a view that’s simply incredible, full of opportunities to change thousands more lives and make history yet again! And your contribution will continue to be an instrumental and valued part of that history.

The story of Jeunesse continues to be written, and we are so proud of each of our Distributors for helping to write a story that has united thousands of people behind a mission to make a positive impact in our local communities and around the globe. We appreciate your commitment to our vision, the talent you bring to our Jeunesse family and the hard work you put into building your business.

My heartfelt wishes go out to each and every one of you for a holiday season filled with warm memories of special times spent with family and friends and a New Year that brings health, happiness and the promise of dreams come true.

Scott Lewis
Chief Visionary Officer