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Jeunesse Preferred Launches Today!

Mar 17, 2017

Introducing a new program that allows you to show your top Customers how much you value them.

Our new Jeunesse Preferred customer program is available to every Customer, whether it’s their first purchase or they have loved Jeunesse products for years. Get in touch with your top retail Customers, and tell every new customer: It pays to be Jeunesse Preferred!

How Do Customers Become Jeunesse Preferred?
Customers who have placed an order before can be selected as Preferred in your Joffice™. With a few simple clicks, they can receive all the benefits of being Preferred.

For Customers placing an order for the first time, register them for SmartDelivery when placing the order. This will automatically apply their discount and mark them “Preferred” for future orders as well.

Benefits of Jeunesse Preferred
We believe in rewarding Customer loyalty. Jeunesse Preferred customers enjoy:

  • No Membership Fee: With no up-front or annual fee, it’s easy for Customers to register and for Distributors to manage.
  • Amazing Pricing: Jeunesse Preferred customers receive up to 25% off every item on every order.
  • Convenience Plan Shipping: Jeunesse Preferred customers are automatically enrolled in our SmartDelivery (previously known as Autoship or Convenience Plan). Customers automatically receive their favorite products every month, can place as many additional orders as they want and can change their orders anytime.
  • Specialty Sneak Peeks: As new products launch, exciting promotions become available and we make company announcements, Jeunesse Preferred customers will be at the forefront with exclusive packages and incentives not available to retail Customers.

Benefits for Distributors Too
We also believe that every program should support our Distributors’ success. That is why the Jeunesse Preferred program offers unique benefits to Distributors who register Customers as Jeunesse Preferred.

  • Full CV: Receive full CV on every order from every Jeunesse Preferred customer.
  • Retail Profit (RP) on Every Order: Earn RP on every order placed by a Jeunesse Preferred customer.
  • Weekly Commission: Commissions are paid on Jeunesse Preferred customers’ orders every week.
  • Additional Incentives: As this program expands, Distributors may become eligible for additional promotions, earn rank advancements and more, based on Jeunesse Preferred customer active enrollment.

Stay tuned for updates and exciting announcements about Jeunesse Preferred. We’re just getting started with this easy-to-use, easy-to-love customer appreciation and loyalty program.

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