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5 ways to manage your business with Jmobile

Apr 13, 2017

Jmobile™ can empower your Jeunesse business and propel you to success with business-building data and Customer management software. This helpful tool – free for Distributors – is available on your smartphone.

Download Jmobile now:

Check out these five ways you can use Jmobile to manage and grow your business:

  1. My Business Snapshot shows your performance data in real time so you can stay up to date on everything happening in your Jeunesse business.

    Under your Personal Snapshot, you can track your new Customers – personally sponsored retail or Jeunesse Preferred customers – and you can see how many Distributors you have brought to your business. If you’re qualified to get paid, a check mark will be present, indicating you have a personally sponsored Distributor on the right and the left leg of your team. The Personal Snapshot also shows you whether you’re qualified to get free products, your current period CV and qualified versus nonqualified Sapphire and Diamond legs, among many other metrics.

    Under your Team Snapshot, you can find information about your team’s monthly progress to date. Click on the underlined numbers to get more details about your team members’ ranks, new Distributors and SmartDelivery.

    Find your Personal Snapshot and your Team Snapshot on the My Business Snapshot home page.

  2. Manage Leads by adding them from your phone’s contacts or by entering your Lead’s first and last name, phone number and email. Having Leads in your funnel is what fuels your business. This tool allows you to add, delete or archive Leads, plus you can change Customer statuses and send free samples, videos and even your sign-up link.

    You can access this tool by clicking the menu and navigating to My Leads.

  3. Adding New Sign-ups is easier than ever, as there are no more paper applications! Your Lead can become a member of your team by filling out the digital registration.

    Enroll Leads on a smartphone or tablet by simply sending a sign-up link from the “Add New Sign-up” menu option. It’s that easy to add new Distributors to your business.

  4. Run Reports to get insight and data on what’s happening in your Jeunesse business. As an entrepreneur, you need to be informed about important metrics such as your Cycles, Commissions, Downline Orders and Refunds, Sales Volume by Enroller Tree and Sponsorship.

    This data is available by going to Reports on the menu.

  5. Jcloud™ is your one-stop shop for promoting your business. Jeunesse Headquarters stores downloadable marketing tools such as presentations, videos, catalogs, forms and documents for you in Jcloud, giving you the collateral to help you achieve success.

    These resources can be accessed by clicking My Files under the Jcloud header in the side menu.

Take control of your business by using Jmobile to track your monthly success, manage Leads, add Distributors to your downline, run reports and market the Jeunesse opportunity and products. Powerful business management is now in the palm of your hand.

Download Jmobile now: