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8 Ways to bring your A game to LEAD Berlin 2018

Apr 9, 2018

Get ready to experience the LEAD Jeunesse 2018: Berlin! It will be like nothing else you’ve attended. This powerful event can change lives.

To get the most out of LEAD, consider these eight ways you can bring your “A” game, so you’ll leave feeling inspired, connected and ready to take your business to the next level.

1.     Be destination ready: Being prepared starts before you even arrive at the event. Packing the right clothing and necessities will set you up for success.
2.     Embrace technology: Keep your phone and tablet with you, so you can use our latest innovation in Jmobile – a new event feature that gives you access to the agenda, speakers, venue maps, surveys and materials, right from the palm of your hand!
3.     Find your focus: At LEAD, be present in the moments. Focus on making new connections and learning as much as possible from top leaders and speakers.
4.     Enjoy the atmosphere: Thrive at the event by seizing the opportunity of being surrounded by Jeunesse leadership. Take the energy you feel from the event and make 2018 the most successful year of your career.
5.     Connect with Jeunesse family: Gather with thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs and build your network with other successful people like you.
6.     Bring your belief: To unleash your full potential at Jeunesse, believe in yourself and know that you are the key to your victory.
7.     Jump out of your comfort zone: Whether it be introducing yourself to someone or exploring the destination and trying a local delicacy, stay flexible and open to new things.
8.     LEAD: “LEAD” your career by leaving the event knowing you learned as much as possible, connected with as many entrepreneurs as you could and renewed your passion for fulfilling your destiny.

Keeping in mind these eight ways to bring your “A” game will help you revolutionize your future. We can’t wait to see you at LEAD!