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How to deal with an unhappy customer in direct selling

Oct 27, 2022

When your business is sales-focused, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll run into an unhappy or difficult customer at some stage. In direct selling, it’s essential that you handle such situations in a professional way, to protect both your reputation as a business owner and the reputation of your company. Your distributor Code of Conduct will provide a useful starting point, but these tips will also help you resolve what could be a stressful situation for both you and your customer.

Step 1: Remain calm
Staying calm isn’t always easy when someone contacts you with a complaint, especially if they become upset. But it’s essential to put your emotional response to one side before you can address any grievances. Keeping calm allows you to focus on the facts of the situation, without getting clouded by your feelings.
Remember: your customer is likely to be upset with the situation and not with you personally.

Step 2: Listen carefully
Don’t assume you understand the problem, really take the time to hear your customer out. Don’t interrupt, get bored or look at your phone while they’re talking – give them your full attention. When they’ve finished, ask any follow-up questions that will help you to fully understand the situation.
Remember: Some customers may just want to vent while others are looking for a solution. You’ll only know what’s expected by listening fully.

Step 3: Be clear and honest
The Jeunesse Distributor Code of Conduct emphasises the importance of being honest in your dealings with customers, and this is essential when they are upset. Clearly communicate what you can and can’t do to resolve their situation. Now is definitely not the time to overpromise and underdeliver!
Remember: Don’t just say something because you think your customer wants to hear it. Instead, be truthful about what can be done.

Step 4: Act quickly
Listening to your customer’s grievances is only the first step. You must immediately follow it up with action, to show that you’ve heard their position and value their business. For example, if your customer is upset because of an incorrect or missing order, it’s important to investigate it straightaway and provide regular updates until the situation is resolved.
Remember: Regular communication with your customer shows them that you take their complaint seriously and are working to resolve it.

Step 5: Know when to stop
While customers may become upset from time to time, they should never be aggressive or unreasonable. If the situation becomes too emotional, ask if you can come back to them at a later time. Speak to your upline leader or customer service if you need assistance or advice.
Remember: If a customer or prospect asks you to stop a sales presentation, our Code of Conduct specifies that you must do so immediately.

Above all, it’s important to remember that we are ‘One Team, One Family, One Jeunesse’ – you’re never on your own, even when dealing with an unhappy customer. Want to join our family? Sign up to be a Jeunesse Distributor here >> https://www.jeunesseglobal.com/en-AU/shopping/notice?destination=signup